14 June 2007


1. I just got a $126.83 water bill. Perhaps I shouldn't have set the sprinklers to stay on quite so long. Crap.
2. Little Man had his very first temper tantrum; soon after he graced us with temper tantrums 2-7. Almost all were due to the fact that I will not allow him to sit on our bed unsupervised because it is freakishly tall and he has almost rolled/fallen/stepped/hurled himself off about 87 gazillion times. Such a horrible Mom I am.
3. 3M called today and told me that as we were talking he was standing on the roof of a house in the middle of the city of Fallujah. Ok, really, didn't need to know that you were standing on the roof of a building in the middle OF.A.WARZONE. Nope didn't need to hear that one. Thanks for sharing though.
4. 3M leaves Iraq to come home in exactly two weeks. 14 days. 336 hours. 20160 minutes. 1209600 seconds. Not that I am counting or anything. Seriously, it's okay you can check my math.
5. I desperately need to clean the closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, garage, outside, cars, before 3M returns home.
6. I have not shown you pictures of LM in a little bit so here you go.. just a small fix...

Update: Not only did he tell me about the roof he has given me photographic evidence.


K. said...

How excited you must be for the R&R!! LM is getting so big, and he is as adorable as ever.

Kris said...

Love the 'stache on 3M. Hope these next two weeks pass quickly for you... and that the two weeks after are blissfully slow.