04 June 2007

The Week of Milestones... Part One

Last week was a very busy one in our little house. It marked little man's first birthday, two-months since 3M's SBVIED attack, his first extended trip/mission since the SVBIED attack, and one month until he comes homes for his R&R. I am happy to report that we survived each of the milestones relatively unscathed and in some cases pretty darn excited.

LM's birthday began with huge amounts of rain. Rain that I must mention we have not seen in months. I can't help but believe that it chose to rain on this day because I had taken my procrastination to epic levels and needed to go to the store ASAP or our party guests would learn that I am actually a terrible hostess. So off I was to Wally world while my Mom, who was in town just for LM's birthday, stayed with the LM and enjoyed all things grandson. I managed to survive the rain and the strangely creepy people that inhabit Wally world on a rainy Wednesday morning and got home in time to get everything done.

I haven't shared but I was feeling very conflicted about how to celebrate LM's birthday, since his Dad would not be here to mark such a huge occasion. 3M and I finally decided that I would invite over our neighbors and closest friends here for dinner and birthday cake. I thought this was a good solution since I am confident that LM didn't understand that all of the people in his space were there in celebration of his day, though he LOVED having everyone here.

LM had baked ziti for the first of what I am sure will be many time considering that I grew up in the Northeast where Italian food in mass quantities is pretty much mandated at social functions; really there must be a law about it- google it. He loved it; though really what is there not to love- pasta, cheese and more cheese!

The cupcakes were not as big a hit.
He took a few bites and then decided that this red (red velvet, his Dad's favorite and a condition for throwing the party) thing was not all it was cracked up to be. Thankfully his guests did not agree.

Also not a big hit was the present opening. LM had little interest in ripping through the paper and even less interest in seeing who gave him the presents. The presents themselves, however, were HUGE hits.

I am glad that we celebrated LM's day but it felt like a big part of the celebration was missing because 3M wasn't there. Hopefully this will be the last one of LM's birthdays that he misses for a while.

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Alicia said...

Aww... Happy Birthday to LM! Your neck of the woods needed the rain, better then the fires spreading to your place.