30 July 2007

Amazing Web Discoveries

The other day I was watching TV and saw an advertisement for FREE In-Demand programming through our cable company. I looked at it and saw that there were some Nick Jr. shows and such and was mildly amused at this discovery, but since the LM will not watch TV for more than about 35 seconds at a time it wasn't something that made my day.

During nap time I returned to the free programming and saw that their was a Health and Wellness Section. I selected it and found that it was a multitude, a plethora really, of exercise videos. How cool is that- free exercise for my stop being a fatty plan. I was quite pleased. Then at the end I saw that the programming also had a website so of course being the big loser that I am I went to the site- Exercise TV- and what did I find there.... Free videos and programs and all kinds of videos that will help me in my quest, I am quite the pleased girl.


Today while LM was napping I was on the computer looking at something totally pointless and I came across an advertisement for Marie Claire's website. I have no idea what made me go there, I don't even read Marie Claire, but there I was.

On the site I found the Virtual Makeover.

Warning- do not go to this site unless you have a bunch of time to waste. You can upload your picture onto their site and then try a multitude of hair colors and styles, makeup, etc. Some of them are God-awful, you will laugh so hard your sides will hurt. Some of the do's are not so bad and even managed to give me an idea of a possible new haircut.

I highly recommend it if you are having a crappy day.

Go ahead, check them out I know you want to...

23 July 2007

Operation Fitness 2.0

When 3M first went on deployment I decided I was going to get my butt into gear and lose the extra weight I had gained when I was pregnant and never got around to losing. I was pretty good about it for a while and then I just got lazy. It was so much easier, and far more fun to eat frozen yogurt and goldfish then it was to watch what I was eating and dare I say it- exercise!

I was fairly happy with the way I was looking prior to 3M's return home but once he got here things went downhill fast. I am pretty sure that we spent the majority of our time eating way, WAY too much yummy and terribly bad for you food. I was sure I had gained back some of the weight. I just didn't want to get back on the scale to confirm it.

Unlucky for me I didn't need a scale to confirm it. The night before 3M returned to Iraq we had professional beach portraits done. I was feeling somewhat uneasy about my general appearance but was sure that my choice of clothing would "mask" my sins.

I got the proofs back today.

Holy crap was I wrong!

Wow, I look terrible. I flipped, open-mouthed through these photos, sad that I am way less than thrilled of these precious family photos.

I have been eating crappy foods and not exercising- a far cry from the Phys. Ed. teacher who people used to go to because she was "so healthy, and always eating great and looking good".

So here we are.. Operation Fitness Version 2.0- this time without the lame-o excuses.

I have decided to start Weight Watchers again and am counting my points accordingly.

I am also doing the Couch to 5K running program and some of my favorites pilates videos.

I am excited.I need to do this for me. I need to take the time to take care of me and be proud of the way that I look.

I have 4 months to lose 12 pounds and the flab, oh the flab...

Not to bore you half-to-death but I will be updating with progress on Monday's.

I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting for it...

22 July 2007

The new countdown

We had an amazingly wonderful two week R&R.

Little man did a great job at the airport of welcoming his Dad home...

We took lots of stupid self-portraits...

3M gave LM his very first haircut. No tears were shed and look at the adorable results....

The Purple Heart Ceremony was perfect and we are so proud of 3M...

Our final ticker is up. We are 129 days away from an amazing homecoming...