13 August 2007

He speaks

As little man hits 14 1/2 months old he is really starting to talk- or at least his version of talking. Some of the words commonly found in his vocabulary-

* dada
* car
* cracker
* cat
* dog
* pool
* diaper
* shoes
* banana
* apple
* truck
* ball
* bubble
* all done
* peek- a- boo (pronounced a-booooo)
* uh-oh- which can be dragged out many, many times- uh,uh,uh,uh, ohhhhhh
* hello
* bye- bye
* pretzel
* outside
* close

Notice anything missing from this list?


Alicia said...

He doesn't say Mama? Is this *ever* or just rarely? That's quite an impressive vocabulary other wise. Kyra knew about the same number of words (maybe a few less) but rarely ever said them outside of my presence. Some good friends of mine didn't believe me when I said she speaks just fine because she went mum anytime someone else came around.

Erin said...

He knows how to say Mama, he just doesn't ever say it to get my attention. He usually comes up and holds up his arms or grabs my hand. That or he goes "ehhhhhhhh" until I say Mama, up and he raises his arms. I have no clue but it is certainly frustrating :)