10 November 2007

Jet noise

For the better part of three years the Blue Angels have been a consistent part of our lives. Several times a week they practice on their home runway which happens to be across the water from our home. At 0900 sharp the roar of the jets approaches, zooms past and back again at what seems to be lightning speed. The windows shake as we are reminded of the power behind these awesome aircraft.

I am not going to lie; when we first moved in it scared the crap out of me a few times. I couldn't decipher the tell-tale hum of the engines starting, that 3M repeatedly attempted to point out, indicating that things were about to get a little noisy. Frequently I would be shushed mid-conversation because he had heard that sound that he loved so much. I made fun of his super-power hearing, chalking it up to the fact that he flew the hornet and was all too obsessed familiar with the noise. But as time went by I found myself stopping when I heard the hum; silently acknowledging- here we go; it is about to start.

These days LM doesn't seem to recognize the hum but the beginning of the roar of the engines sends him running to the backyard to see the "ahpanes". He points and laughs as they roll and zoom through the sky. I watch as their diamond formation gets closer and closer to perfection and marvel at the fact that my husband flies that same aircraft. I smile to myself and wonder if my little boy will follow in his Dad's footsteps and learn to fly those amazing jets. I ponder how long hornets will be in our lives.

The past two days have filled our home with extra booms, windows shakes, and noise. The annual homecoming show is here; marking the end of another Blue Angel season. As I attempted to distract LM from the scary and unfamiliar booms that were occurring, while reminding him of his love for the "ahpanes" I realized this would be the last time we saw the Blues fly over our home. There would be no more Blues jet noise. It was time to move on. With every pass and maneuver I felt a twinge of sadness. This part of our journey, like the Blues season, is over. It is time to begin again.

I envision this sad, yet hopeful feeling, continuing as we prepare for our PCS. I wonder what will be in store for us in the next leg of our journey with the Marine Corps. What noises will mark portions of our days or weeks, which sights will remind us that life is moving on as it should? I suppose all I can hope for is that each new noise, like this jet noise, continues to mark the sound of freedom.


Lo-Cal Lori said...

Found you from Whoorl. So exciting about your husband's return! Not sure where you are located, but I wanted you to know about Operation Love Reunited, just in case you didn't already....I am a participating photographer in Los Angeles. http://www.oplove.org/

You should totally see if there are any photographers in your area and have them come photograph your homecoming...new look and all! :)


Isabel said...

The Blue Angels come to Seattle every summer and I love them. We used to live next to the airport they flew out of and it was always a treat to me. I don't know that I'd love it everyday...but still, they are awesome.

gorillabuns said...

i went to a grade school where we were the blue angels. i always liked this over a parading animal.

what wonderful news your husband is coming home. how hard is must have be for everyone but how wonderful and sweet the reunion.

hopefully, your husband will get to stay home this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, another Whoorl referal. We too are a Marine Corps family (we are stationed in Japan). While my husband hasnt had to deploy to the sandbox I can totally relate to a lot of things you have written. I havent had much time to go back and read older entries, but when my little guy goes down for a nap I plan to! Already some of what I have read has moved me to tears. That is one thing I love about this little Marine Corps family- you can have so much in common with a complete stranger.

I know how long the next 9 days must seem. Hang in there and THANK YOU to you, your husband and your son for making the sacrifices you do each and every day.

Erin said...

I always find it so amazing how small our "Marine Corps" family really is. I am glad your husband has not had to play in the sand :)