15 November 2007

One from the road

I am happy to report that after a long 20 hour car ride filled with screams for Blue's Clues, more water, and random flailing about in one's car seat we have arrived at my parent's house. I will write more about what is going on in our little homecoming world soon but in the meantime I wanted to share something I learned on our journey.

While driving down I-95 I discovered that it is a colossally bad idea to get a personalized license plate that reads 1BIGQT. The primary reason you should step away from this license plate is because from far away it looks like "one bigot" which is, to say the least, a touch disturbing. The secondary reason to avoid this particular monicur is that there are weirdos like me who will speed up next to you just to see who in the world would put that on their license plate only to discover that it does, in fact, say "one big QT" and that while the BIG is accurate the QT is, um, not.


chicken said...

i caught your picture/story on Whoorl and wanted to stop by and say HI! I hope the new hair cut goes well and the desired results are achieved...I do think you will look fantastic!!
My husband was in Iraq for 18 months with his reserve unit...enjoy the reunion!!

Kris said...

There's actually a couple of blogs devoted to vanity plates... here's one: http://whythatplate.blogspot.com/

We're very excited 3M is on his way home! We also hope we can get together when you move up to this general vicinity!


Maya said...

Hi Erin,

I also came over from Whoorl and wanted to say: Your hair is GORGEOUS.

That is all. Also I named my sister Erin, so I love your name.

Karen MEG said...

I came by Whoorl too, your hair is gorj, and that's great that you'll be seeing hubby soon!

Bloggy Mama said...

found you through Whoorl yay for along-awaited reunion.
As for your post today... HAHAHA Thanks for the laugh. I'd totally drive up to check the person out, too.
I'm at www.mybloggylife.wordpress.com

Anna said...

I came over from Whoorl too! I hope the new haircut works out great for you. I'm excited to read about your reunion with your husband... I can't believe you've made it through a year without him! That is truly amazing.