18 September 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

Today was one of those days. LM is still struggling with the one nap thing, also referred to as you were the one who decided to wake up when you are still tired so why are you taking it out on me thing. Most days he is still taking two gloriously long two hour naps and going to bed at 7:30. All is right with the world on two nap days.

Today was not a two nap day.

I was about ready to throw myself out a window after having to ask him to get out of the refrigerator for the eighty billionth (yes, that is a number) time in two minutes. Or wait, was it after the throwing himself against the cabinets while screaming "kaaakaah" (cracker for those of you non-LM speakers) six gazillion (again, a number)times. Oh no, it must have been one of the twenty hundred (amazing you with my math skills aren't I) times when he brought me over a book to read and then head butted me as he got up and walked away while I was trying to read the FIRST page to him. No.. it was one of the five catrillion (would it frighten you to know that I was once an algebra teacher) times when he kept throwing his food to the dogs and then screaming "nonono" when I took his plate away from him, and then giving it back to have him repeat it all over again.

Definitely one of those days when bedtime could not have come soon enough. In honor of his joyous mood and exceptional behavior he even went to bed a 7:00- praise the lord!!!

After I unwound and I stifled my desire to drink an entire bottle of wine I decided to look at the website for 3M's next assignment, which is a Resident PME program- short-version he is going to a military college in order to have the courses necessary to be promoted.

While cracking the hieroglyphics, also known as the academic calendar, I learned that 3M would not have to go to class for half of June, ALL of July, and most of August. How amazingly wonderful is that!!!

So, I am feeling a little better. Now, if you wouldn't mind could you please say a prayer that tomorrow is a TWO nap day that involves little to no refrigerate expeditions, cabinet raiding and food throwing.....

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Alicia said...

Oh, I hate those days. Can't say that I envy you. But two naps a day? Seriously? Kyra gave that up at 13 months! I'm jealous.