23 September 2007

Some gave all

Several months ago I posted about 1stLt. Travis Manion who worked alongside 3M in Iraq.Travis was killed by a sniper just minutes before 3M was to get on a helicopter and depart for 3 days of R&R in Qatar.

I vividly remember talking to 3M, on that day, and being excited for him that he would have the chance to get away and relax. Yet the response I received was very distant and unsettling. I didn't know about the attack and Travis' death. 3M hadn't shared but it was weighing heavily on his mind. After finally relaying the unfortunate events 3M immediately told me what a Great American Travis was and how it was an honor to serve with him.

I later came to find out that because of the help Travis provided on the day 3M was attacked and injured in Fallujah I am able to hear my husband's voice and countdown the days until his return. Beacuse of his brave and selfless acts our son will have the opportunity to grow-up under the watchful eyes of his father.

I am forever indebted to Travis and all of the Marines my husband serves with.

Bill from InDCJournal, posted a moving tribute to Travis that is remarkably touching and unbelievably heart-breaking. Please take a minute and read it.

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